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Why should I care about affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start driving paid customers with minimal risk and defined budget.

How to grow my business with affiliate marketing?

In the most simplified way, in order to start growing your business with affiliate marketing you need to setup an affiliate program, signup affiliates to your program, provide them with tracking links and pay the affiliates at the end of the month for all the paying customers that they sent you.

  1. The reality is a bit more complex. You will need to plan for the following
  2. Development work in order to integrate your service with an affiliate tracking platform
  3. Setting up landing pages and post back events in order for your affiliates to have visibility into their performance in the reports that are available for them in the tracking platform
  4. Manage your affiliates and support their activity



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  • B Point Control

How do I set up an affiliate program

One Web Logic can support the entire process for you from A-Z

How do I get affiliates to start promoting my product or service

Web Logic already has established rapport in the eCommerce space with some of the top publishers. We will support your outreach to affiliates, close deals for you and manage them hands on. We will share weekly reporting on the progress and performance of your affiliate deals.

How do I scale my activity with affiliates

Well, that’s when the real fun begins. After several months of activity, we will have enough data on the performance of your product. We will then initiate a thorough market overview in order to find the most important players in the space and learn about the performance of your competitors. We will outline a detailed plan for your go – to market strategy, suggest several strategies and include the top partners and deals that will allow you to execute.


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